Friday, April 18, 2008


omg i made it i couldn't hold it in any longer i actually found out yesterday have i had to keep it on the DL. Gosh it's a such a huge relieve i couldn't believe i had it in me to do this. i just kept pushing myself and i didn't try to compare myself to anyone i just focus on me. i'm glad that now that my future for now is secure so now i can focus on doing something what i really want to do with industrial design and i hope to get a job out of the south!! ^_^

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Post Bac Review

alright i will find out the results around 9 am today. hmm.... this is my post bac review.. basically you post everything you have done since the summer op studio until this semester. sadly i'm still in the process of making my product design so some of my portfolio isn't complete.

the important thing is i'm emphasizing process development and progression. I'm very happy how this turn out and the colors are just so vibrant! i think these really bring out my personality that people usually see hehe.. i can't believe how much i've done just in a year and how it all came today. and yeah i'm still looking at my stuff still now i guess b/c i'm nervous about how the faculty feels if i'm capable to be in the grad program or not. but yeah i think i am set on doing thesis on vinyl toys! i was really inspired by some of the grad student's thesis. although i abhor writing bleh.... oh well research is fun for me i can't wait! :)

and these are some of my table display upclose!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pick me!!?

this is too hilarious!

This animator also does vinyl toy designs and even create her own plushies! check her sit out!