Thursday, May 27, 2010

Loucille plushie

Loucille was one of the challenging I've crochet. I used the illustration of her as a model and tried several fish patterns I could fine. I tweaked several times with her fins and tail. Instead of using felt I decided to just crochet and stitch her eyes to keep it that soft volume appearance.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Nina and Jules

Say hello to Nina and Jules! They are llamas who like to scout the mountains up top and look over the hills down below. Nina is the lime green one and Jules is the coral pink one. I had fun inter changing their colors as if they were meant to be a pair! I also went ahead illustrated them. This helps to show them in 2D. I think I'm going to illustrate some of the critters I've made too.

I was inspired by the llamas I saw at the petting zoo. I like how llamas have a unique characteristics of their oddly shape bodies. I simplified their oddly shape body into simple round ellipses and then as I crochet it I gave it a little bump on its touche. The best part was that I wanted to make their legs to appear puffy without using any fluffy fuzzy yarn. I did so by rounding their knees and then stitching the legs onto them.