Saturday, May 31, 2008

Vote on my Tshirt on Threadless!

Wishful Fish - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Everyone! please vote on my threadless design!! you'll make Loucille happy!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dandy Thief

This is the kleptomaniac character that's been urging to come out... he's quite shy so it took him a while to come about the world and stealing my stuff sigh.... he's name is Toby by the way...

he may look paranoid but be warned.... he will steal any of your small stuff as seen here.. good thing he doesn't always come with a nice strong bag...

hehe... just a fun story i had.. well i wanted him to be a toy that comes with an accessory like the Munny I had. Maybe people can paint the accessory that he stole to be painted maybe that's what he want people to do for him!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I would like to introduce Loucille! The wishful fish who wishes to fly! this is a character revival from the etching I did in my senior year in high school! you can check it out at this link:

I used Adobe Illustrator CS3 using the gradient mesh technique. somehow the grid on the mesh help me to add the shade where i wanted easily than i could than Painting! ahh the glorious of mathematics in vector drawing haha... ok.. nerdy moment there...

...well i added some flowers from the sketch i did in my character sketches... i think Loucille is dreaming she's flying among real flowers above the sea!

Presenting..... Bijou & Mamey!

Viola!! after months and weeks of procrastination due to studio and what not.... i have finally unveiled my new characters: Bijou and Mamey! this one of the series of painting if that i don't get lazy.... i am currently working on the second one.... sigh.... well anyways..

Bijou happens to love anything that is pink hence that he's painting some shrubby pink bushes... maybe that's why he's friends with Mamey b/c of her hair?? or is it that Mamey is the one that created Bijou. hmm... i'm not sure if Bijou painted himself with pink paint or not or maybe it was already there or could it be Mamey??

These character originated from the story my dad told me when i was a baby... he rode and elephant with me hehe... when he got off.. i cried and cried until he had to ride the elephant with me again! haha... what a way to get a ride huh?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Introducing Vipin the pimptastical Water Sprite and new friends!

well well... just alot of things just came up in my personal side sigh... well i was shopping in Atlanta and stumbled upon some vinyl toys at Urban Outfitters.

I got like three: Munny, Tokidoki cactus pup, and I'm French Dunny.

I like that it's a surprise that you don't know what you're getting until you open them.

the tokidoki pup has been a long time favorite of mine, this is my first tokidoki toy that inspired alot of my cute character designs. although these designers bring some sexiness to their clothing! if you guess they're japanese you're wrong!! lol they're actually Italian designers. I love how now european copies asian style like Japan and that japanese copied the europeans lol. it's like a cycle that doesn't end. well speaking of europeans:

this purple dunny is part of the I'm french series done by several french artists. I love the splattered detail of this dunny. he looks so pissed off haha!

and finally....... my first munny! i got the white one and it gave him a hat as my mystery accessory!

it took me like a day just to paint him. painting him help me ease my anxiety over what happen this weekend... painting him makes me go back to my childhood days and just enjoy the spontaneous of how the paint flows and how i manage to fix his mouth gah! I named him Vipin since it sounds like pimpin haha! The hat just suits him so well. although he's a water sprite i think he's enjoying being on land for now especially wondering around my apartment.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sure Me Luck!!

what a glorious day!! well yesterday i got this email XD:

You are cordially invited to a very private performance and taping of The Bravery’s TV Special for the Ovation Network. The taping will be held on Thursday, May 8, 2008 at:

Bonefish Grill
3420 Buford Drive
Buford, GA 30519

Please arrive no later than 1:45PM on Thursday, May 8, 2008. Show taping will take place between 2:30-4:00. The band will perform 6 songs twice. We will be clearing the venue promptly at 4:00PM.

This was so last minute! i thought it wasn't real at first and i remembered i submitted an email to this contest like right after i came back from destin, fl. I was so stoke i won!!! i have never won anything in my life and that i got like three tickets to see them for the fourth time!! gosh i am so much in love with the bravery they have helped me get through so many things in college and expand my creativity. i never thought i would find a band that have touch my life so much in many ways!

Well at the show, they made us sit outside for quite some time while the band was being interview. Just waiting and waiting until finally they let us all in at once. I was pretty close well as always i'm still behind just one row of people!! but i was in the same spot as i was at the Feb show in roxy just right at the view of Sam and Dirt sigh.... such gorgious guys!!

anyways... the drummer, Anthony, and the guitarist, Mike Z was jammin to some cool gypsy/jazz stuff as Sam joined in their jammin session while in between takes. it was pretty cool they played some Aerosmith and some other stuff hehe. they were hilarious when they had sound problem as the keyboardist, John was complaining, "This is really loud as Hell!!" haha

So on the show they played 6 songs it was An honest mistake, Believe, This is Not the End, The Ocean, Time Won't let me Go, and Unconditional. haha well the unconditional is their finale and they told us the first time they played it we had to pretend unconditional was the real finale of the show haha. first they taped the band themselves along with the background sound of us dancing, wooing, and singing to them. then they made us go outside to move the cameras and shoot it again with the same song but this time it was at us!! 0_o..... well one camera was right close to my angle view lol i was like uh... well i just kept looking at the band and just bust out my dancing moves and just singing their songs out loud!

Oh how i adore them and intimate shows!! the cool thing was there was only 20 audience members including me and my two other friends!! this was way too awesome to end this school year especially my undergraduate year!!! XD this was a great timing since i'll be graduating saturday!! what an awesome graduation present ^_^