Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Introducing Vipin the pimptastical Water Sprite and new friends!

well well... just alot of things just came up in my personal side sigh... well i was shopping in Atlanta and stumbled upon some vinyl toys at Urban Outfitters.

I got like three: Munny, Tokidoki cactus pup, and I'm French Dunny.

I like that it's a surprise that you don't know what you're getting until you open them.

the tokidoki pup has been a long time favorite of mine, this is my first tokidoki toy that inspired alot of my cute character designs. although these designers bring some sexiness to their clothing! if you guess they're japanese you're wrong!! lol they're actually Italian designers. I love how now european copies asian style like Japan and that japanese copied the europeans lol. it's like a cycle that doesn't end. well speaking of europeans:

this purple dunny is part of the I'm french series done by several french artists. I love the splattered detail of this dunny. he looks so pissed off haha!

and finally....... my first munny! i got the white one and it gave him a hat as my mystery accessory!

it took me like a day just to paint him. painting him help me ease my anxiety over what happen this weekend... painting him makes me go back to my childhood days and just enjoy the spontaneous of how the paint flows and how i manage to fix his mouth gah! I named him Vipin since it sounds like pimpin haha! The hat just suits him so well. although he's a water sprite i think he's enjoying being on land for now especially wondering around my apartment.

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