Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mau and Cragon is ready to take on the world!

I would like to present to you my first fully finished toys!! I finally painted Cragon and Mau. I used acrylic paints since they dry smoothly and the colors are wonderful! I went outside and ventured around taking pictures of them. I love how the outdoor brightens their colors. i think they may love the flowers. get ready for the adventure of Mau and cragon!

here's them inside with the gang:

still inside posing with my circular scent:

mau just loves my keyboard!

venturing the outdoor:

back inside:

Thursday, March 27, 2008

one's wish

while i was drawing some characters... i stumbled upon this:

This is a thesis animation work done by a student. i like that it's simple and it has substance too. you just have to see it made think about how people wish for one thing they want that can't be possible. hmm....

anyways school is just a bit overwhelming now but i just keep on trucking. mainly i'm getting tired of doing this vacuum project i just want it to be done and that i can move on to other things like developing my characters and making tshirt designs sigh...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Office Space

whew... that took like a whole day to finish this!
This is for my anthropometry class. Well i almost went too anal on the calculations and measurement thanx to my engineering background blargh!! so i had to stop myself and focus on the fun side. exploring my creativity any my love of vibrant colors and characters!! i notice that in most of my layouts, design, and color choices are always white and some few bold colors O_O what has industrial design do to my head??? i used to love chaos like in my old art work and the messiness! oh well...

Friday, March 7, 2008

At last i'm done!!

This is the final piece!

ok well.. i still need to make another print of this it ended up i print the wrong one but before i go and print some more sigh... i know i still need to keep working on painting digitally in photoshop better and prolly keep entering in these illustration contest but i'm very happy with the result. someone told me it looks like a children illustration drawing :) yup maybe i should look into that possibly too well so far i'm happy i can't change anything anymore at this point. but i'm crossing my fingers and wish me luck that the magazine will publish my lovely character niko and her friends ^-^

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Illustration Uno

here is my first illustration for my 5 series illustration for communication arts magazine:
i'm not sure if i should keep this background color but i know love the pen roughness of this look since niko is sorta like a raggy doll. anyways please do comment i will try to finish some more this weekend or maybe the rest of the week i got four more to go!