Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Office Space

whew... that took like a whole day to finish this!
This is for my anthropometry class. Well i almost went too anal on the calculations and measurement thanx to my engineering background blargh!! so i had to stop myself and focus on the fun side. exploring my creativity any my love of vibrant colors and characters!! i notice that in most of my layouts, design, and color choices are always white and some few bold colors O_O what has industrial design do to my head??? i used to love chaos like in my old art work and the messiness! oh well...


sujen said...

Yeah..the model took me a whole day too. XD I suxors at modeling. But the table top looks pretty awesome..and in working with the foamcore, I can see why just a few bold colors would suffice.

happyapathy said...

yeah the magic of black plexi glass! hehe but your red cushion chair made me stuck with red lol instead of like yellow or green.. but yeah thank you!!