Sunday, November 6, 2011

Project Sketchbook (2nd and 3rd page)

After cutting out the first dreaded page, I had to tackle on which character to appear. I decided to go with the heroine inspired from La Roux and cinnamon roll? I have been fascinated with the structure of hair styles especially after watching the documentary about Vidal Sassoon. I decided that all my heros and villians in my book will feature this structural hair style that appears to be really solid (as if they've put so much hair wax/gel that it just solidified!). I guess I'm also pulling elements from industrial design contour line drawings. In developing this first character, I had done a couple of rough sketches with the help of tracing paper. I really enjoyed refining her whipped hair and her overall look. Next I need to show her full character maybe a battle scene? who knows?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Project Sketchbook

I have been searching for some creative outlets for quite sometime. After a couple of freelance project being delayed, I decided to sign up for project sketchbook. It arrived yesterday and i was quite estatic yet anxious to start. I have an idea on doing more conceptual characters. I think maybe more stylized infusing fashion, anime, realism, patterns, sci-fi and etc... who knows it might be turn to cute again. Actually this is a fusion inspired from interning at goody and surface designing at C.R. Gibson. In a way it's a growth progression on my life and confidence in myself. I felt i need to push myself to do more realistic characters. I think i'm going back to my first inspiration watching anime and being inspired from my brother's drawing. I chose the heroes and villain theme maybe to have some fun and see where this is going. Before i start sketching I needed to get some practice with anatomy:
As with all sketchbook it's always intimidating when you start on your first page. Well.... i took a pattern i had been developing from my other side project. I trace it and cut it through to make a peep hole. We'll see where this goes!