Sunday, November 6, 2011

Project Sketchbook (2nd and 3rd page)

After cutting out the first dreaded page, I had to tackle on which character to appear. I decided to go with the heroine inspired from La Roux and cinnamon roll? I have been fascinated with the structure of hair styles especially after watching the documentary about Vidal Sassoon. I decided that all my heros and villians in my book will feature this structural hair style that appears to be really solid (as if they've put so much hair wax/gel that it just solidified!). I guess I'm also pulling elements from industrial design contour line drawings. In developing this first character, I had done a couple of rough sketches with the help of tracing paper. I really enjoyed refining her whipped hair and her overall look. Next I need to show her full character maybe a battle scene? who knows?

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