Monday, May 21, 2012

Moving to wordpress

Hi everyone! I have move my blog to wordpress and will no longer post on this blog. Recently I have been wanting to revamp my blog and venture into different design style. You can find me here!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Project Sketchbook (2nd and 3rd page)

After cutting out the first dreaded page, I had to tackle on which character to appear. I decided to go with the heroine inspired from La Roux and cinnamon roll? I have been fascinated with the structure of hair styles especially after watching the documentary about Vidal Sassoon. I decided that all my heros and villians in my book will feature this structural hair style that appears to be really solid (as if they've put so much hair wax/gel that it just solidified!). I guess I'm also pulling elements from industrial design contour line drawings. In developing this first character, I had done a couple of rough sketches with the help of tracing paper. I really enjoyed refining her whipped hair and her overall look. Next I need to show her full character maybe a battle scene? who knows?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Project Sketchbook

I have been searching for some creative outlets for quite sometime. After a couple of freelance project being delayed, I decided to sign up for project sketchbook. It arrived yesterday and i was quite estatic yet anxious to start. I have an idea on doing more conceptual characters. I think maybe more stylized infusing fashion, anime, realism, patterns, sci-fi and etc... who knows it might be turn to cute again. Actually this is a fusion inspired from interning at goody and surface designing at C.R. Gibson. In a way it's a growth progression on my life and confidence in myself. I felt i need to push myself to do more realistic characters. I think i'm going back to my first inspiration watching anime and being inspired from my brother's drawing. I chose the heroes and villain theme maybe to have some fun and see where this is going. Before i start sketching I needed to get some practice with anatomy:
As with all sketchbook it's always intimidating when you start on your first page. Well.... i took a pattern i had been developing from my other side project. I trace it and cut it through to make a peep hole. We'll see where this goes!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Micro Scans Patternizer

Been quite a world wind couple of months. I haven't posted in awhile since I had landed a job and move to Nashville, TN. It's nice to have fulltime design job but it'd be nice to branch out and do some side projects of my own. Recently, I have been inspired by these micro scan patterns from the FEI gallery a friend has shown me. Micro scans themselves are quite unique and intriguing but in order to laser etch them I had to simplify them. Here is a glimpse of my process:

This hexagon pattern is etched onto an Amber Bamboo thanks to ponoko. I got two more patterns in the work. It will be a three piece panel of work. More later!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fluidity Aggression

More photoshop rending posts… this time I'm going back to basics well just having fun doing more Industrial Design stuff. I had the urge to show my improved skills since I can't show my work from my freelance and internship work. I felt the need to do something that is much more aggressive yet fluid I'm a bit bored doing cute stuff but i'll be sure to get back into that. I learn it's fun doing something out of my comfort zone.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Smokin' Amber

Quick painting in 10 mins. Went for the burnt amber scheme.

Evening Gown

I decided to experiment around with fashion sketches, here's one of my first take on an evening gown. I'm mainly doing this to exercise digital painting on photoshop. I'll post more soon..