Sunday, February 17, 2008

is mau back? and friends?

yay mau is back. well from the dead and using an oven not a microwave oven 0_O.... well i haven't really glue him together and painted him yet. i got the hang of sculptey and even made cragon too in the process. I will paint them whenever i get a smaller brush and playing with different glazes possibly. but yes my characters are slowly coming to live and hopefully not get burnt or broken in the process.

Well cragon was easier to make except his claws blargh!!

Besides molding these critters... niko's brother came into my dream one night and he too like niko can see other people's imaginary friends and even imaginary beings that people ignore daily. but... poor ian, he's been tormented with seeing these creatures and even the top hat buddy that still clings to him... mm... i wonder what niko is giving him? another friend?

Friday, February 15, 2008

Soup Anyone??

ok.... i finally ate something i actually cooked and healthy it's the soup my mom usually makes it's really simple. if you guys want some give me a holla! oh yeah here's ollie just waiting for me to drop something sigh.... talk about fatty T_T
anyways i need to really be cooking up some more characters i have to becareful which babies i want to give away. thanx to a great friend she gave me an idea to submit a tshirt design to threadless well it might take a while for me to upload those designs thanx to school and studio -_-........

Sunday, February 10, 2008

vinyl findings

alright well yesterday i stumbled upon a vinyl toy.
hmm.. he's some kind of japanese rice cake (i forgot what it's called). the package was too cute to surpass.

it also gave me a piece of candy not sure how long it's been... hmm.....

i guess he can befriend my hamburger dunny. i think the other vinyl toy from kubrick had died thanx to oliver knocking over my oil scents that ate through his vinyl parts sigh.... anyways there's also a guitar pick i found at the bravery concert too hehe ^_^

R.I.P Mau... :(

well i meant to post this earlier. i was making mau out of sculpty. The gray one i used was really easy to shape but the white one i had for his legs was horrible! it was so hard to shape it smoothly. the sad this is i burnt mau's head and broke some of his arm. i think because i was using my toaster oven. i'll try to used my real oven later when i get more sculpty. but here's some pic that glorify the days of mau's short lived life in this world.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Kiss moi?

alright well since it's near V-day.... i just finish this new character design. This character just hit me after i was watching Amelie which i highly recommend to watch. It's a feel good movie with elements of artistic scheme and very colorful!!

the idea for this character is that she only can stand when she's leaning (while kissing position) against an object or if you get the fire mage she's kissing hehe.... hmm.. any name suggestions?

well she's related to maggie the mage as you have seen in my previous post and this kiss has a forbidden element oh... solve this mysterious love and why she's risking to do so!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Design Philosophy

Wow i just got back from Karim Rashid's lecture!! he's so amazing and made me refresh my mind about design and the world we live in. I think that we're so suppressed in our classes that we tend to dumb down our ideas and our design. even then it made me realize why i changed my major and how this major really suits me. here's some of my favorite objects from him :D

I'm just goofy at times and known to be silly but i just love he has that sense of style. I mean he pulled off white outfit and pink shirt and purple sunglasses really well. i believe i want to follow his design philosophy that we should design and think about the technology we have today and take advantage. Let go of the past and do things that is now! like present wise. I hope one day i can find my own design philosophy.


well here's the illustrated characters i posted for the contest yeah i may have to take it down if i win crosses my fingers X_x XD


well my presentation went well today and getting only and hour of sleep!! i'm so glad it went well but i wish i could post some of my ideas but i'm afraid the company might put me on the black list if i do post sigh.... but we're working on wet dry vacs well maybe i'll show you the one i had the most fun with!! it's a backpack vac haha but they said they're about to release one bleh... well i wish i can show you the other ones they picked but uh.... i may need to keep this confidential for now