Sunday, February 17, 2008

is mau back? and friends?

yay mau is back. well from the dead and using an oven not a microwave oven 0_O.... well i haven't really glue him together and painted him yet. i got the hang of sculptey and even made cragon too in the process. I will paint them whenever i get a smaller brush and playing with different glazes possibly. but yes my characters are slowly coming to live and hopefully not get burnt or broken in the process.

Well cragon was easier to make except his claws blargh!!

Besides molding these critters... niko's brother came into my dream one night and he too like niko can see other people's imaginary friends and even imaginary beings that people ignore daily. but... poor ian, he's been tormented with seeing these creatures and even the top hat buddy that still clings to him... mm... i wonder what niko is giving him? another friend?

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