Sunday, March 27, 2011


Seeing Toulouse-Lactrec at the High Museum was very inspiring! I remember learning about the movement and looseness of Toulouse's style and the vibrant bohemian world of that era. I've been experimenting with Corel painter and made this not so quick painting of a ballerina.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Hello again! It's been months since I've posted. I've decided to revamp one of my characters I've created about two years ago. I wanted to really develop Nora and Benji.

Nora was intended to be a little girl….

Instead of doing something too cute I went back to stylized the character and even do some fashion take on it. And letting Nora grow up into a teen wouldn't be so bad either….. I've always thought most girl toys aren't that exciting especially to those tomboyish gals. I figure making a fun super heroine girl who has a pet bunny that can turn into a motorcycle!

I had fun developing Benji's motorcycle form. It was fun integrating his bunny form into a motorcycle well I think he looks quite fast i'm still contemplating on his final form hmm…..