Thursday, February 7, 2008

Design Philosophy

Wow i just got back from Karim Rashid's lecture!! he's so amazing and made me refresh my mind about design and the world we live in. I think that we're so suppressed in our classes that we tend to dumb down our ideas and our design. even then it made me realize why i changed my major and how this major really suits me. here's some of my favorite objects from him :D

I'm just goofy at times and known to be silly but i just love he has that sense of style. I mean he pulled off white outfit and pink shirt and purple sunglasses really well. i believe i want to follow his design philosophy that we should design and think about the technology we have today and take advantage. Let go of the past and do things that is now! like present wise. I hope one day i can find my own design philosophy.


Anonymous said...

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sujen said...

His chess set is so awesome. It was really cool hearing about him from you guys; I hope that I can be lucky enough to attend one of his lectures some other day!