Saturday, February 9, 2008

Kiss moi?

alright well since it's near V-day.... i just finish this new character design. This character just hit me after i was watching Amelie which i highly recommend to watch. It's a feel good movie with elements of artistic scheme and very colorful!!

the idea for this character is that she only can stand when she's leaning (while kissing position) against an object or if you get the fire mage she's kissing hehe.... hmm.. any name suggestions?

well she's related to maggie the mage as you have seen in my previous post and this kiss has a forbidden element oh... solve this mysterious love and why she's risking to do so!!


sujen said...

This looks pretty cool! It actually reminds me of this graffiti artist's sketches that I saw in a book at BAM!
Good luck in the contest! Doesn't it finish this week?

happyapathy said...

well huh they just picked a winner but they said to keep submitting... i'm saving this character as my own since i haven't seen anyone come up with this leaning toy..