Saturday, March 1, 2008

Illustration Uno

here is my first illustration for my 5 series illustration for communication arts magazine:
i'm not sure if i should keep this background color but i know love the pen roughness of this look since niko is sorta like a raggy doll. anyways please do comment i will try to finish some more this weekend or maybe the rest of the week i got four more to go!


sujen said...

Alright meryl..
Steel yourself up, 'cause I have some pretty harsh critiquing for this.
On the positive side, this is really adorable. Your lines and coloring have a character of their own, as do your creatures and people. I like the neutral colors you chose that reflect the background of your characters.

However, as an art peice, this is lacking. AS a forewarning, I'm speaking from an inexperienced standpoint, of course, and so your brother may have a better idea. Also, I'm obviously an amatuer, and in no way do I have a clearer opinion. You might want to ask Chris or Jarrod, actually, for advice. Keep in mind, I still want to encourage you to enter the contest regardless.

So, the critique; Compositionally, this peice isn't fascinating. Sure, the characters are adorable, and their activity is cute, but this doesn't show their appeal. If there was some juxtaposition between the characters, I think it would be more interesting. Right now, the parallel between their straws just makes me look from one corner (top left) to the other (bottom right) and I just fall off the page. My eyes aren't drawn to continue looking. Though the color palette you chose is pleasing, it's dull in the sense that it has no depth. There is no layering occuring; the shading added seems more like an afterthought than an actual purposeful application. I think that either you should smooth out and add more tones to the shading, and polish it up as well. Zoom in when you color; when I opened the full file, the shading was unkempt, and seemed inexperienced, rather than executed with intent. On the tones of shading; there's no need to just use a different value of the same color on the shading. Try using different hues. It would give the picture much more depth. You could also try to put a texture over the coloring, such as in this tutorial .
If you were trying to go for a flatter look, then I would say don't do any shading at all. Better it show a strong intent.

I'm sorry if this was really hard to take; But I do want you to make it!!

sujen said...

Here's your picture red-penned.
And here's some more tutorials:
Watercolor Tutorial
Textured Painting
Color Theory

I hope this helps!

sujen said...