Friday, March 7, 2008

At last i'm done!!

This is the final piece!

ok well.. i still need to make another print of this it ended up i print the wrong one but before i go and print some more sigh... i know i still need to keep working on painting digitally in photoshop better and prolly keep entering in these illustration contest but i'm very happy with the result. someone told me it looks like a children illustration drawing :) yup maybe i should look into that possibly too well so far i'm happy i can't change anything anymore at this point. but i'm crossing my fingers and wish me luck that the magazine will publish my lovely character niko and her friends ^-^


RogerHaus said...

hey!! of course, it seems a children illustration, but is a bit dark maybe no??? The puppets are dying!!!
I like a lot !!!! Greetings

happyapathy said...

i'm glad you enjoyed it :) lol i didn't mean to make it seem morbid... niko is fixing the damaged plushies though they seem to be worn and torned oh by the way your stuff is great

sujen said...

This is an improvement from the first. I like the textured effect--and I'm glad that the tutorial helped you out! :D
Good luck in the contest--and keep on going, yo.