Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Presenting..... Bijou & Mamey!

Viola!! after months and weeks of procrastination due to studio and what not.... i have finally unveiled my new characters: Bijou and Mamey! this one of the series of painting if that i don't get lazy.... i am currently working on the second one.... sigh.... well anyways..

Bijou happens to love anything that is pink hence that he's painting some shrubby pink bushes... maybe that's why he's friends with Mamey b/c of her hair?? or is it that Mamey is the one that created Bijou. hmm... i'm not sure if Bijou painted himself with pink paint or not or maybe it was already there or could it be Mamey??

These character originated from the story my dad told me when i was a baby... he rode and elephant with me hehe... when he got off.. i cried and cried until he had to ride the elephant with me again! haha... what a way to get a ride huh?

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