Tuesday, October 23, 2007

first entry

yay day one: post this is the beginning of new creative ideas to flourish from my mind. Wait till you see some characters i cooked up!! :)

This is Mia and Moby some characters i cooked up in one of my studio class i guess i was thinking about the weird pixel character video from the band, architecture in helsinki.

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sujen said...

HEY!! I founded you!
I like boxhead alot, actually--watching the vid was cool, and it made me want to see them in color. I hope that you can get the pen for your tablet and start some computer rendering soon--either that or maybe some prismas would do the trick?
I wonder what direction we should head with these journals...if there is a goal that you want to reach? :D This is pretty exciting..it's like an open field, you know? I'll definately chat with you about it in class <3