Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm not dead

well... i decided to enter into a character design/vinyl toy concept contest. These are the two characters so far that i have been rendering. well since my computer is being stupid about illustrator i decided to just go ahead and render it by hand. i may thicken the lines on these characters or not. I just wanted to see how they are in colors.

the first one is Cragon. you may have seen him in the previous post. Cragon is part cat and part dragon. he may be cuddly but he possibly have hard exterior. he breathes fire when he's uberly happy. he has a little alligator as his pet. well... you'll see him later hehe...

the next one is Maggie the Mage. She may seem harmless but watch out with just a wave of her arms she will hover you over her head!! It seems she's lost these day i think she's trying to find her true self by using her powers to find about her past and how she got that bandage?

1 comment:

sujen said...

so cute!
I hope that you can get jay to fix your comp. for yas! Enter that contest girl!