Saturday, October 4, 2008

Electronic music is my love....

well i meant to post earlier... wow i had so much fun this past weekend! first my friend came down to visit me and i finally got to get out and get some drinks!! geez... i have been on a cycle of class.... studio... work.... sketch... build 3D computer models... doing graphics... over and over since august.

also i've been sick of being stuck in auburn so long... i really hate football season.. buildings is lock so i can't work, loud obnoxious fans and so on. i think it's just i've been here for five years i'm hoping i can finish by next year. well anyways enough of auburn.

my friend and i headed to atlanta on saturday. we hung out at little five points!! i got some awesome boots and some more vinyl toys. haha my vinyl toy collection is growing and crowding into my grad office hehe.

mainly we went to atlanta to see Cut Copy and The Presets at the Masquarade!! when i heard they were coming to atlanta i literally wanted to pee in my pants! gosh i'm surprise they came to the dirty south.

well they're all way from the land of down under and i have been getting into the new music that australia has to offer. more and more i've been getting into the indie dance electronica music. yes i still do like rock not to let you bravettes down. it's just i'm at a point of my life that things are gradually changing and i am a far more happier person.

anyways, when we got to the masquarade, i was not expected to see most of the cut copy/the presets fan to be mostly wearing black! did i miss something or is it b/c it's atlanta. lol i felt i was the most colorful person hehe.

well it turns out most of the goth kids went to another band which is in the hell section. we were in the heaven section! what sux was that we had to wait to get on the stage area until 8pm. gah the guards didn't really seem interested in cut copy and the presets...

finally at 8 pm after a drink or so we head upstairs to the heaven section. a dj was already playing.. i'm not sure who his name was. it was pretty cool.. until Castle Vania played! that dj was so cool! he had the coolest hair cut and coolest logo on his mac book pro.

he mixed a lot of awesome techno and rock music. i was stoked when he mixed smashing pumpkin's zero song. i couldn't stop dancing! haha some camera man took pics and video of me and my friend dancing our ass off.

after castle vania was done. the presets came on. they started with the song "talk like that". they were very intense industrial techno. i love the lights and the visual aid they use. they got the crowd roaring.

even though they got weirder i was so into their music it seems as if they were hypnotizing! the drummer seem pretty creepy but intriguing. he leap on to the board near when i was standing. since we were up front on the left side of the stage. my favorite one has to be "my people" song.

it was very intense and made me very pumped up. but overall i love every song they played. "this boy's in love" was very beautiful. "yippo-yo" was fun to dance to. and "new sky" was just amazing.

then came .. cut copy. well it took a long time to set up their equipment! i wish they came .. the preset since they seem more popish. but i love them still. hehe the lead singer is just so cute!

they got the crowd dancing more and i was surprise how many folks were into them. everyone was singing and dancing and jumping throughout the show. i was really astounded with the video in the background they used for the songs "lights and music" and "hearts on fire". i was sad they didn't play one of my favorite song, "Going Nowhere".

cut copy just makes me really happy since it reminds me of the 90's/80's dance vibe and they're very colorful sounding. they've been such an inspiration to my designs and my characters too. it keeps me going throughout studio. i was very happy to see them live! i hope to see them again soon. sigh.. but yeah they ended with "hearts on fire"

and they were so nice to fans. they gave out drum sticks and the set list to some fans. gah i almost grabbed the set list!! but i got a high fived from dan the lead singer! lol he couldn't reach my hand for moment but he gave me a chance to reach for it. i was like the first one to get high fived maybe b/c i dance the whole time ;)

sigh.... but yes here's the video i recorded for "out there on ice"

"lights & music"

"hearts on fire" (my ultimate favorite!)

This when he gave me his first high five to the crowd!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time Meryl! We definitely need to do it again sometime, and I'll make sure I drink lots of COFFEEEEEEEEE!