Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sweet Tooth

Anyone craving for some sweets? I always wanted to make some food characters for awhile. Thanks to my mom's home cake decorating business, I was really inspired by her cute cupcakes. I added some quirky elements to them and started to sketch a couple.

I ended up making four flavors which are Mustachio, Sherry, Beryl, and Whipples. If you like to purchase them you can find them on my etsy page!

I'll be making some more others and maybe move on to other types of sweets. I guess it's back to baking some more!

1 comment:

aijanie said...

These are adorable!! Did I tell you that they remind me of http://www.cakespy.com/ ?
Apparently their illustration style is famous! So adorable and delicious. <3